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At home
myGEKKO controls the well-being at home and helps to save costs effectively.
In enterprises
myGEKKO interconnects the various systems into one global unit, optimizing processes and uncovering energy saving potentials.
In networks
myGEKKO communicates with all areas and interlinks services
user-friendly and
That’s how automation should be.

myGEKKO is a user-friendly, manufacturer-independent and multiprotocol automation- and control system. myGEKKO gives you the possibility to use the energy in a more effective, flexible and economic way and to control and monitor the plants and devices centrally: whether at home, in enterprises or in a big network.

Free wiringn and platform independent control

myGEKKO News


Active Energy Management EMS with myGEKKO

Now you can activate the "Active Energy Management (EMS)" in the parameter level of the Energy Manager. Together with the...

Sun-position-dependent blind control

myGEKKO integrates a complete sun-position-dependent blind control. This control system takes the current season, the sun ...

We would like to introduce you to our new sales team.

My name is Karl Seher born in 1971 and a proud family father of a daughter. I have completed a car technician 's apprenticeship...
myGEKKO Plus Services

Software expansion – WebApp

Another focus of the update is the improvement and optimization of the WebApp features. At the same time, we have implemented some security-related improvements...
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