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Getting started

  • The home page

    With myGEKKO you will have everything under control! No matter if you are comfortably sitting on your couch or underway, you can check at any time if the heating is on, the shutters are closed, the ventilation is working and much more besides.

    On the home page you can

    • display individual values for weather and consumption
    • access weather data and weather forecast very quickly
    • recall the lunar calendar
    • start actions
    • manage your music
    • check your cameras
    • access the entire house.
  • System monitoring

    Select the desired system. In the list overview you find a list of the single rooms with some short information. This allows you to know in which room the heating is on, which is the actual temperature and the setpoint temperature, etc.

    Select a room to open the detail view. Here you find detailed information about your single-room control: actual temperature, setpoint temperature, operation mode, controller … every value is quickly and easily available.

    In fact it is very easy to check the heating and the other systems installed in your house.

  • Consumption monitoring

    In order to save energy, you have to know your consumption. With myGEKKO, you can read the consumption in real time whenever you want.

    Furthermore, you can also read every energy consumption recorded by the system in the past. In the detail view, the energy consumption can be displayed in daily and monthly lists as well as in form of trend curves.

  • Monitoring and modifying of timers

    Using timers, recurrent actions can be carried out automatically within certain time periods (every day, every week, …). Get an overview of the available timers.

    In the detail view you can check exactly which systems are called and when.

    For example, if you want to modify the timer “Alarm-clock” because you have to wake up early, this is very simple to do. Set the activation time of the lights on 07:15. Tap the time, save the new clock time in the entry field and confirm with ok. Done! You have modified the clock time.

  • Switching via display

    You can control the different systems in many ways. Most actions are controlled via push-buttons, some action is carried out automatically, e.g. through motion detectors or timers, and some other via display, iPad & Co. Directly via myGEKKO you can


    switch systems on and off

    modify temperatures

    start scenarios

    manage your music

    monitor the video surveillance

    open the front door

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